Watch The Evolution Of The iPhone From The Original To The 6 In One GIF

The iPhone 6 is already in the palms of many of the people reading this right now, who are following these words on a satisfyingly large screen, setting off a thin and lightweight body almost like air in the hands. The new phone is a technological marvel—and, as this GIF makes clear, it’s merely the latest in the evolution of a technological marvel that began in the summer of 2007.

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This Kinetic Wall Of Clocks Is Utterly Hypnotic

Some things are just meant to be seen in motion. That’s certainly the case with A Million Times, a whirring board of almost 300 analogue clocks that exist in such a beautiful harmony with one another that they can segue from a pattern of rhythmically undulating waves to a full-functional digital watchface. A static image doesn’t do it justice.



Sega Master System

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The Maker’s Mark: Yves Behar is the man behind Silicon Valley’s most beautiful gadgets
Yves Behar is the man behind Silicon Valley’s most beautiful gadgets. But can his good taste conquer the world?

Set up a guest network Many routers let you set up two wireless networks that can run simultaneously: one for you and the other for guests in your home. The benefit of this is that you can use a security password to protect the primary network and all household devices that connect to it, while still offering visitors Internet access via the second—a guest network that doesn’t require a password.


What the to-do lists of successful people look like

"While I’ve tried different online to-do lists, I cannot work off of a to-do list that isn’t written or typed. The delete button will never give you the kicks that crossing off tasks will give you.”


This Amazing High-Rise Apartment Building Looks Like A Giant Tree

With balconies budding like leaves, no one could complain for lack of outdoor space in this building in France.

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Flat Maps Don’t Tell The Whole Story: View The World’s Cities In 3-D

From London to New York, adding the third dimension gives us a better grasp of what lies above and below us in a city. 


'Godzilla' director Gareth Edwards on how to make monster movies that matter
The last two Godzilla trailers have given us a hint of what’s to come in the upcoming film, and at SXSW a small audience got the best look yet at the new monster. After a screening of the 1954 Japanese original, director Gareth Edwards introduced an extended sequence from the 2014 version in which the new Godzilla lays waste to Hawaii before squaring off against another giant monster.


This video, made by air-traffic-control company NATS, visualizes 24 hours of flight data for every plane on the European flight path.